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Hope Fertility Solutions, situated in Jalandhar City,  Punjab is one of India’s leading Fertility and IVF  centres and provides world-class fertility services to couples who deal with infertility. We are a team of committed and dedicated professionals who have only one intention in mind-To help our patients TAKE HOME A HEALTHY BABY. Scientifically backed evidence based Fertility services form the core of this clinic. You would be welcomed by courteous, highly motivated,  professional and compassionate staff who will handhold you, take care of your smallest needs and guide you sensitively through your journey to parenthood.

All world class fertility services are available under one roof which include -Intrauterine insemination (IUI),In vitro fertilisation (IVF),Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI),Blastocyst culture , Fertility preservation services like-egg freezing , sperm freezng, Third party reproduction like Donor egg and donor sperm services. For patients with repeated IVF failures , advanced services likeEndometrial Receptivity Array (ERA), Personalised embryo transfer (PET), PRP procedure for thin endometrium are available .There are special clinics for Endometriosis , PCOS, Bad obstetric history , Recurrent IVF and implantation failure patients.Let’s get started and bring your bundle of joy home.

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Intrauterine insemination(IUI)consists of collecting a sample of sperm from the seminal fluid and injecting it into the endometrial cavity through a small catheter.The use of this procedure has been established for the treatment of oligospermia and changes in seminal volume or viscosity.


In Vitro fertilisation involves stimulating the female ovaries to produce eggs by giving hormones and taking them out to meet with the male sperm in the laboratory .The resulting embryo thus formed is placed back into the uterus from the vagina to cause pregnancy.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is indicated for the therapeutic approach of male infertility when successful IVF is unlikely due to very low mobile sperm count in the ejaculated sperm, in case of obstruction of the male reproductive tract not amenable to surgical repair, abnormal sperm morphology , frozen sperm and in cases of repeated IVF failures.


In cases of nil sperm count in the ejaculate due to obstruction in the male reproductive system, procedures like PESA/TESA/TESE allow sperm extraction directly from the testes.This allows the male partner to have his own genetic child even when sperms are absent in the ejaculated semen.

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst is the stage at which the embryo comes to lie in the uterus from the fallopian tube .This is a highly advanced and grown stage of the embryo .It is achieved 5 days after the oocyte retrieval.Blastocyst transfer is associated with improved pregnancy outcomes.

EGG Freezing​

We offer eeg /oocyte freezing /cryopreservation services to women who want to delay child bearing due to some reason -social(career demands), in case of cancer to allow cancer treatments at present and child bearing in the future, single women not finding a suitable match yet etc.

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Dr. Neeti Chhabra Gupta

(Program Director & Consultant Fertility)
IFS Fellowship Clinical ART


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Pooja Gupta

They have helped us when no other doctors were able too. Cant thank them enough.

Akanksha Mehta

A friend of mine suggest this fertility clinic. Glad I listened to him. The results of their treatment have been progressive so far.

BTS army divya

Dr Neeti Chhabra is best for all those ladies which want a beautiful family. My personal experience with her.

Rakesh Katyal

Best doctor for Gynae is Dr Neeti Chhabra.

Sushma Rani

Dr Neeti Chhabra way of talking is very good and beneficial for woman who want become a good mother

Lalita avi

Hope Fertility hospital is best for all hopeless parents. Hospital staff so cooperative and sweet. Dr Neeti Chhabra is God for me am so happy because She gave me beautiful baby via IVF PROCEDURE

kamlesh kamlesh

Dr Neeti Chhabra is the best dr for fertility treatments.their staff is so sweet and cooperative.all procedures are available like iui,ivf,icsi in their hospital hope fertility solutions jalandhar.

Rohit Gill

Dr.Neeti Chhabra is the best Doctor of fertility treatment.My personal experience is so good with doctor.She is very understandable and cooperative about patient.So I inform every fertility patients visit their hospital.Hope fertility solutions Jalandhar.

Seema Ahluwalia

according to my experience Dr Neeti Chhabra is the best doctor for fertility solutions.all fertility treatment are available in their hospital Hope Fertility solutions like IUI,IVF,ICSI.