Fertility Preservation / Egg Freezing

All you need to know about

IVF is a treatment for infertility caused by a range of issues, including problems with ovulation, poor sperm or egg quality and endometriosis. It is highly time-sensitive for two reasons: Fertility in both men and women declines with age, and the treatment requires carefully scheduled medications and regular appointments to check how the body is responding to them.

If patients respond to the drugs, their ovaries produce more eggs than normal, which are removed via surgery and fertilized with a partner’s or a donor’s sperm. The resulting embryos are grown in a lab for a few days before being implanted in the uterus or frozen for a later transfer.

At each stage of the process, any hiccup has an indirect effect that delays possible pregnancy. So, yes COVID-19 is a spoke in the wheels but we hope the worst will be over soon